Automate research with Rhea AI

Rhea is a smart AI assistant that adapts to different industries and can research, summarize, alert, and aid in decision-making.

Meet Rhea AI

Rhea makes other research tools unnecessary.

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Conduct research faster

Ask questions about your data or use our integrated datasets for fast summaries, visuals, reports, and alerts.

Ask a question

Type or use voice input to ask Rhea a question.


Use handy keyboard shortcuts to speed up your search.


Rhea will visualize data points as tables or graphs.

Set a notification

Ask Rhea to alert you when specific conditions are satisfied.

Go beyond your limits with Rhea AI

Try Rhea

Gain insights from
your data

Simply connect your database or upload your enterprise files and use Rhea to gain insights.

Upload content

Upload your enterprise files or folders and manage them in Rhea.

Zoom in

Ask Rhea to find relevant insights within your enterprise data


When responding to questions, Rhea can reference a specific file and location.


Collect all important data in one place, customize it for better reports, and export it to your favorite file format like PDF.

Create report

Easily drag and drop data, messages, or widgets into reports.

Format report

Format your report using a rich text editor.

Update reports

Ask Rhea to monitor changes in specific data points or visuals in real-time or on a scheduled basis.

Equip Rhea with industry lenses

Rhea is pre-trained with industry lenses for specialized research.


We keep it simple:

Equipped with multiple deployment options.
Includes multiple data connectors
Real-time data updates
Includes 1 billion public news websites and blogs.
Convenient search with auto-suggestions
More coming soon ...