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Enterprise News Analytics
On Multi-Asset Class


Get the most advanced breaking news technology for your investment strategies. Over 1 billion websites are monitored in real time for actionable news on multi-asset class.

Leader In News and Social Analytics

In just over three years, Accern has rapidly grown to become the market leader in the news and social analytics space in terms of content coverage. Trading alerts and analytics are derived from relevant finance-related news processed on over 1 billion websites in real time for institutional investors.

News Coverage

We currently have the largest finance news coverage in the world by monitoring 1 billion news websites, blogs, and social media feeds.


In a few milliseconds, Accern captures articles as soon as they are published online and derives trading analytics to be delivered to customers.

News Quality

We provide news that are relevant to U.S. public equities 99% of the time, using our proprietary algorithms built solely to tackle data quality issues.


We save customers time and energy, and cut more than 50% in news data costs by helping them integrate any type of news sources they need.

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Get Tradable Alerts 

Use our web application to get early news on multi-asset class sourced from over 1 billion news websites, blogs, and social media feeds. With easy–to-use features, you can get set up in minutes and start trading on custom news alerts we deliver to you.  

Trade On Early News

Our massive coverage of 1 billion websites allows us to find and deliver early stories on multi-asset class to our customers.

Build Custom Alerts

Our app allows you to build custom news alerts geared specifically towards your trading strategy. If requested, we can even help you build them.

Use Trading Analytics

We derive analytics such as sentiment, impact, news exposure, news reliability rankings, and much more from each article.

Largest News Sentiment API Feed

Use our low-latency news sentiment API feed to build custom trading strategies or integrate it with your existing strategies. With over 1 billion news websites, blogs, and social media websites monitored in real-time, we extract article meta data, company and events information, and derived trading analytics per article for our institutional customers.



Flexible Low-Latency API Feed

Our push-based low-latency JSON API feed can aggregate data based on specific time frames or filter data based on companies.

API Data Fields

Our API data feed includes article metadata such as URLs, events, companies, and derived analytics such as sentiment.

4 Years Of History

We have over four years of historical data, which includes article headlines and URLs. Historical data are provided upon request.

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