Equity Research

Increase your coverage and improve the quality of your research


Use Cases

Increase Securities Coverage

Visualize millions of news and micro blog information with intelligent filters and advanced analytics to improve your research team’s efficiency.

Prepare Higher Quality Research

Spend more time digesting important information and drafting sell-side reports instead of searching the news.

Improve Client Relationships

Be the first to notify your clients when important events arises and build a stronger relationship which they can count on.


Sector & Industry Analytics

Visualize and filter real-time stories across sectors and industries.

Sell-Side Analysts Coverage

Explore what sell-side analysts are saying about an industry or company in the news.

Corporate Actions Analytics

Real-time stories about layoffs, M&A, management, legal actions, and more.

Macro-Risk Analytics

Explore macro risk on your securities such as interest rates, inflation, debt, and more.


Available via API or Dashboard

Accern Dashboard

BI Dashboards

Rating Models


Improve Estimates

Use Accern to improve your sell-side recommendations and estimates on your covered securities.

Save Cost & Time

Avoid procuring raw news, blogs, and filings data and save months from building similar quant apps internally using expensive technical resources.


Build Your Own Equity Research App

1. Connect

Any data

2. Select NLP Models

For financial services and beyond

3. Deploy

NLP Apps into any workflow

Save time on taxonomy & model building

Our pre-built taxonomy and pre-trained models for financial services help accelerate your time to build industry-specific applications.

Save cost on expensive data & IT resources

Evaluate and integrate multiple Accern apps in your workflow to save time, drive revenues, and avoid risk.

Accelerate digital transformation

Solve problems and drive revenues and returns with Accern by building applications in minutes.