Crypto Research

Generate Alpha and Identify Risks


Use Cases

Identify Real-Time Industry Trends

Identify emerging trends, such as the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, new cryptocurrency regulations, or the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Integrate into Machine-Learning Models

Generate new feature sets from news and blogs, such as sentiment scores or themes to be incorporated into your models.

Crypto Risk Management Analytics

Identify potential risks such as regulatory changes, the emergence of security vulnerabilities, or market manipulation from over 1 billion public news and blog sites.



Real-time stories from news and blogs classified for over 1000 top cryptocurrencies.

Investment Thesis Analytics

Explore investment opportunities within NFTs, DeFi, scalable technology, and more.

Token Corporate Actions

Insights into cryptocurrency token launches, funding, product announcements, partnerships, and more.

Market Manipulation Analytics

Identify potential fraudulent opportunities, security concerns, or other risks in real-time.


Available via API or Dashboard

Accern Dashboard

BI Dashboards

Investment Models


Generate Alpha

Evaluate and integrate multiple Accern apps in your strategies to generate alpha ahead of competitors and avoid risk.

Save Cost & Time

Avoid procuring raw news, blogs, and filings data and save months from building similar quant apps internally using expensive technical resources.

Quantitative Research

Build Your Own Crypto App

1. Connect

Any data

2. Select NLP Models

For financial services and beyond

3. Deploy

NLP Apps into any workflow

Save time on taxonomy & model building

Our pre-built taxonomy and pre-trained models for financial services help accelerate your time to build industry-specific applications.

Save cost on expensive data & IT resources

Evaluate and integrate multiple Accern apps in your workflow to save time, drive revenues, and avoid risk.

Accelerate digital transformation

Solve problems and drive revenues and returns with Accern by building applications in minutes.