Applying Data Science in Finance to Generate Alpha

Accern Alpha Stream

An Overview

Millions of signals are generated on the web daily, and a percentage of them transition into authentic news with time. When paired with the correct trading strategy, these signals can prove extremely valuable and contribute to large returns. Through Accern Alpha, we provide a clean data-stream of actionable signals as they appear online. We track data from over 20 million sources, most of which are hidden so deep within the web that even powerful search engines take hours to index their content. Accern Alpha analyzes primarily the data from blogs and news sites, along with a layer of social data coming from micro-blogging sites. We have optimized the alpha stream, keeping in mind the day-to-day requirements of institutional investors. Accern Alpha comes with a real-time API and FTP based data access. On request, we also provide historical data, to plug-in and back-test our product.

Alpha Stream Technology

Big Data Analysis

Utilizing advanced algorithms, Accern Alpha is able to extract real-time signals hidden in deep areas of the web not found by more than 90% of investors. It then converts the extracted signals into actionable information so the users can stay ahead of the crowd and generate alpha. Built by an outstanding team of data scientist and engineers, Accern Alpha is equipped with sophisticated event detection, filtration, validation, and industry leading machine learning algorithms to get the job done.
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