• Quantitative Content Analysis

    Detect events that may affect public equities

    Before hitting the mainstream media.

A revolutionary intelligence platform for institutional investors.


The Platform

Accern provides institutional investors with a sleek intelligence platform to research innovative insights on equities. Whether you want to catch breaking-news as soon as it happens or discover major events before it hits the main stream media, we got it covered. Through harnessing the power of quantitative content analysis, we’re able to provide you with revolutionary competitive insights on equities.

The Sources

Accern has an exclusive partnership with Moreover Technologies, a global leader in media intelligence. We process around 3.5 million articles a day from more than 55,000 news sources and 3 million social media blogs. If you are thinking of a source, we most likely got it covered. Through collaborating with Moreover Technologies and their partners, we’re able to extract sentiment, relevance, editorial rankings, and much more from a wide variety of media content.

The Technology

Accern is powered by sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning engines. These engines utilizes the power of big data analysis and deep learning to produce innovative equity indicators through quantitative content analysis. Our algorithms are comprised of numerous levels each increasing in complexity. At the very basic level lies the sentiment analysis algorithms, then it moves up on the complexity level to the article optimization algorithms and various article gauge extractions initially leading to our main compression algorithms which outputs the final scores to help us determine rising events.

The Benefits

Accern provides institutional investors with numerous benefits ranging from saving time to discovering rare insights on equities. We are here to help those who are serious about getting ahead of the crowd. Below is a fraction of the benefits that Accern has to offer.

  • Quickly detect high impact events on public equities.
  • Efficiently minimize your risks and capitalize on your gains.
  • Save significant time with information research on equities.
  • Gain innovative competitive insights on any equities.
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