Machine Learning

Using AI to Discover Investment Insights from Equity Research



May 10, 2023

Machine Learning

Analysts and Investment Advisors spend hours combing through numerous sources of unstructured content such as Investment Research and News to generate thematic insights that will drive specific investment and risk decisions. However, given the volume, verbosity and velocity of the data, information is often missed or analyzed in an inconsistent manner.

In this webinar, experts from Accern and Morningstar will discuss how financial services firms are deploying AI and NLP to extract thematic insights from Investment Research that can be used for smarter investment decisions within the quickly growing information landscape.


  • Eric Dziewiontkoski Director of Research Distribution Products at Morningstar
  • Riyaz Nakhooda, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Accern

Key Takeaways:

  • How Financial Services firms are implementing Natural Language Processing into their research process to extract thematic insights
  • How you can use AI to identify investment insights within Morningstar’s Equity Research and tie this back to other sources
  • Best practices on how you can incorporate this process at your organization

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