Quantitative Trading

Enhancing quantitative trading strategies performance with the integration of alternative news and social analytics datasets


Alpha Mining Is Time Consuming

The process of alpha mining in different datasets is extremely time-consuming. Depending on the complexity of the data, this effort can take several months to almost a year.

Alpha Mining Is Very Expensive

Setting up a machine learning infrastructure is a time-consuming and resource-expensive task,
requiring a degree of agility to keep pace with advanced research in deep learning and big data analysis.

Inflexible KPI Modeling

Most machine learning systems are developed to predict a handful of KPIs but do not provide the flexibility to build predictive models for custom KPIs or other targets.


Define Your Predictions & Connect Your Dataset

Using XYME, Accern’s machine learning modeling framework, our clients can use a variety of data sources to predict any KPIs, such as same-store sales, revenues, price movements, and more.

Run Machine Learning Models and Evaluate

Once the analysts knows what they would like to predict and datasets are connected, the client can run hundreds of thousands of machine-learning models to generate the prediction. Thereafter, the client can evaluate whether the prediction met their success criteria.

Flexible Delivery Options

Accern can deliver predictions based on analyst and portfolio manager workflow. The following delivery options are available: Restful API, Streaming API, Scheduled Data Delivery, E-Mail Notification, SMS Notification, Visual Reports, etc.


Generate Alpha Better Than Wall Street Consensus

Fundamental Alpha is a predictive dataset produced by XYME, which consistently beats Wall Street analysts at predicting quarterly-reported, same-store sales. Fundamental Alpha is used by some of the most reputable asset management firms.

Save On Alpha Mining Costs

Quants extracted insights from a variety of their datasets in less time than they typically spent and, at a fraction of the cost they would have incurred, to set up an infrastructure like XYME.