Financial Research

Automating financial research and increasing analysts’ efficiency and value to the firm


Manual Scanning of Multiple Websites for Research Ideas

Credit analysts subscribe to scores of premium news & research websites which they review daily for ideas to direct their research. They also scan the public web for relevant information on the companies they are writing about.


Content Aggregation

Accern automatically scans billions of public news websites, blogs, and premium subscription sites and connects all news into a single API.

Content Filtering and Analysis

Accern automatically identifies highly relevant news events and utilized derived news metrics so
that articles can be filtered by analysts to meet their needs.

Content CMS Integration

Accern automatically streams the news into the equity analyst's Content Management System (CMS). Equity analysts can operate from within their CMS and filter for relevant news to conduct faster, better research.


Automate Research Work-Flow

Accern helps save equity analysts at least 2-3 hours per day since their content is now at their fingertips. No more manual logins and web search. Furthermore, the news can be easily filtered so the analysts can quickly find what they are looking for.