Coverage Banking

Assisting in building quality relationships for coverage bankers and their clients with AI-powered news curation


Manual Research

Coverage bankers conduct ongoing and regular manual research into industry trends and company news to inform follow ups and drive conversation with their clients.


Content Aggregation

Accern uses Turbo to comprehensively scan all news on specific companies and industries in real-time.

Content Filtering and Analysis

Accern automatically identifies highly relevant and critical news events of concern to the coverage banker.

Content CRM Integration

Accern automatically streams news topics within our clients’ CRM system and notifies all relevant parties of new deals as they occur. The deal owner can respond quickly with an intelligent and timely follow up to their clients.


Maintain Quality Relationships With Clients

Accern helps coverage bankers maintain quality relationships with their clients by intelligently curating relevant and timely topics to be used as follow ups and to drive conversation.